Manufacturers of Triolube and Alisyn Synthetic Lubricants
Alysin Synthetic Grease

Alisyn® Synthetic Greases & Oils

Our Alisyn family of 100% synthetic greases and oils are considered to be the world benchmark. They are used in the most demanding racing environments and are proven to reduce wear, friction, and operating temperature.

Triolube Synthetic Lubricant

Tribolube® Synthetic Lubricants

The family of Tribolube synthetic lubricants was originally developed for and proven in military, automotive and space systems. These applications required synthetic lubricants that would withstand the most severe extremes of temperature, pressure, bearing load, speed, and harsh chemicals and oxidizers such as liquid oxygen. All Tribolube synthetic lubricants are manufactured from high quality pure synthetic fluids, blended with state of the art additives to satisfy specific operating parameters.

About Us

Incorporated in 1973, Aerospace Lubricants, Inc. has pioneered the field of specialized synthetic lubricants for the most demanding aerospace, defense and automotive applications.
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MSDS Sheets

Following is a list of MSDS for our Alisyn and Tribolube product lines.

Data Sheets

Following is a list of TDS for our Alisyn and Tribolube product lines.