Consumer Products

  • Household Synthetic Spray Grease

    Household Synthetic Spray Grease

    Our patented Pro21 Synthetic Spray Grease is the answer to all household lubrication requirements. Pro21 Synthetic Spray Grease contains no solvents and outperforms all other products on the market in service life and operating temperature range.

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  • Marine Lubricants

    Marine Lubricants

    Our Alisyn oils for Marine applications are considered to be the world benchmark products. Our ProDrive series engine oils are ideal for use in high performance marine and automobile engines.

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  • Motorcycle Chain Lubricants

    Motorcycle Chain Lubricants

    Our Alisyn ProDrive series engine oils are proven to reduce oil temperatures, wear, and friction in today’s high performance, high output engine designs.

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  • Musical Instrument Lubricants

    Musical Instrument Lubricants

    Aerospace Lubricants Inc. offers a complete line of synthetic oils and greases that have been specifically formulated for use on musical instruments. The oils are odorless, stain resistant, clean, and clear. The action on brass and woodwind instruments, as well as, fingerboards is smooth and quick.

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  • SCUBA Lubricants

    SCUBA Lubricants

    The Tribolube® line of O2 safe lubricants are compatible with all o-rings and materials used in the scuba industry – leading the way to safer, easier and more enjoyable scuba diving experiences.

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