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About Aerospace Lubricants - Synthetic Lubricants

Welcome to the world of Aerospace Lubricants Inc. If you aren’t already familiar with our capabilities, you may be surprised by the diversity of high technology products and services that we offer.

Today, Aerospace Lubricants Inc. has hundreds of the highest quality synthetic products for automotive, industrial, military, aerospace, and consumer markets that have proven themselves in the most demanding applications.

We’re in defense systems that protect our country, aircraft from all major manufacturers, spacecraft exploring new worlds, even in your car’s seats and anti-lock brakes. The Alisyn® division of Aerospace Lubricants takes the research and development results that have been proven successful, and markets them to consumers with demanding applications. You’ll find us on the NASCAR circuit, in offshore race boats, dragsters, and motorcycles. Around your home we have products for your sliding doors and windows, your lawnmower, garage door, locks, fishing gear, toolbox drawers, garden tools, trailer hitches… the list goes on.

Put our proven performance in your future!