Synthetic Aerospace Lubricants

This family of lubricants covers an operating temperature range of (-140° F to 600° F), offers excellent lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, resistance to fuel and oxidizers with excellent long-term anti-corrosion characteristics.

Tribolube Automotive Lubricants

Our Tribolube® family of lubricants has a thirty-year history of solving lubrication problems in automotive, military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Household Spray Lubricants

Our patented Pro21 Synthetic Spray Grease is the answer to all household lubrication requirements.

Semiconductor & Optical Vacuum Lubricants

Our Tribolube® family of synthetic lubricants contains several products specifically formulated to meet the unique requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Food Grade Lubricants

The evolution of our product line has led to a family of high performance USDA approved synthetic food grade lubricants.

Dental Handpiece Lubricants

Aerospace Lubricants Inc. has, in conjunction with Handpiece Ancillary Products Co: developed an extremely high viscosity, specifically for the unique requirements of pneumatic (air-driven) dental handpieces.

SCUBA Lubricants

Full line of lubricants, cleaners and protecterants for the SCUBA industry. Available in a variety of sizes, these products are chemically and biologically inert, thermally stable, non-flammable, non-auto ignitable, and are developed to exceed the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-27617.