Food Grade Synthetic Lubricants

The evolution of our product line has led to a family of high performance USDA accepted synthetic food grade lubricants.  These H-1 NSF registered synthetic food grade lubricants meet the demanding needs of today’s modern food processing facilities.   ALISYN™ & TRIBOLUBE™ synthetic lubricants offer superior extreme pressure (EP) and anti wear properties, load carrying up to three times greater than that of conventional petroleum based lubricants while exhibiting extremely low wear rates.  They perform effectively through out a temperature range of -140° F to +600° F.  Highly resistant to oxidation, corrosion and water washout making possible extended lubrication cycles and longer equipment life.

Due to the ongoing and continuous development of our food grade synthetic lubricant line, not every product available is listed on our site at this time.  For a complete listing, prices and products available in the future, please use our Request for Quote feature at the top of this page or call us at 614-878-3600.