SCUBA Lubricants

The Preferred Lubricant for Oxygen-Safe Scuba Diving Applications

Oxygen Safe Lubricants
With over 35 years of cutting-edge science, Aerospace Lubricants is proud to offer their latest Tribolube® line of products that is furthering the sport of scuba diving. Unlike competitive products, the Tribolube® line of products offer superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties extending equipment life by dramatically reducing corrosion and sticky, residue buildup.

With breakthrough science and technology, Tribolube’s® revolutionary formulas make underwater breathing easy, no matter what the climate. Innovative packaging allows for a more accurate application, making Tribolube products easier to use than the competitive brands.

The Tribolube® line of O2 safe lubricants are compatible with all o-rings and materials used in the scuba industry – leading the way to safer, easier and more enjoyable scuba diving experiences.

The “Total” Package
Lubricants • Cleaners • Protectants

Available in a variety of sizes, our lubricants are non-toxi and oxygen-compatible.


Tribolube® 66Tribolube® 66 is designed for open circuit diving systems only.

Tribolube® 71Tribolube® 71 is designed for open and closed circuit diving systems.

Tribolube® 2080
Tribolube® 2080
Available in three unique grades:
Light, medium and heavy.
Silicone grease compounds not for use in OXYGEN SERVICE.
Used widely in the SCUBA industry in non-oxygen applications
Some consumers are switching to these greases to replace the silicones they are currently using.

Tribolube® KO2Tribolube® KO2 solvent cleaner is designed for the removal of PFPE lubricants used in open and closed circuit diving systems. This solvent should be used in conjunction with your standard oxygen cleaning system process.

Tribolube® EPO2Tribolube® EPO2 protectant is non-toxic; formulated to protect brass and other metals; and LOX/GOX compatible.

Tribolube® HSPTribolube® HSP is a non-toxic silicone aerosol formulated for marine applications and can be used for the following: zippers, wet suits, dive gear, spear guns, rubber products, general lubrication. NOTE: Contains petroleum and silicone compounds. Not for use in oxygen service as it may cause fire or explosion.